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Don’t Just StumbleUpon, StumbleThru

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StumbleThru guides stumblers through the best content from a specific site, based on their individual interests. It’s a unique way to navigate a domain that’s not only more fun than searching through pages for links but can be more effective at uncovering hidden gems. It’s the StumbleUpon discovery experience, focused on the content from one domain – a personalized tour of a given site, so to speak.

Publishers can improve stickiness and increase page views with just a link. To get StumbleThru on your site, simply add your domain to the end of our StumbleThru path and voila! For example, a StumbleThru link for Wikipedia would be

Want to see an example in the wild? Check out the top right of or to see how they allow stumblers to explore the site with the click of a button. StumbleThru links are easy to use in a variety of ways: add a button on your site, include them in emails, post them on your social accounts, the sky’s the limit!

*Please note that there must be enough pages from your domain in our index for StumbleThru to work properly.

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