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6 Business Tricks for Using the New StumbleUpon Android App

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Here’s our advice to advertisers and marketers for optimizing their time on StumbleUpon’s new app for Android:

1. Stay on top of your Activity Center: Check out the recent activity and popular Stumbles of the people and brands you follow. It’ll help you better understand their interests and discover other interesting pieces of content.


2. Make use of the new Navigation Menu: Access your likes, interests, and followers history to return to relevant content and revisit evergreen web pages.
3. Browse through webpages more easily than ever: Browse links within Stumbles and use the soft back key to seamlessly return to your original Stumble, allowing you to never lose track of your stream.
4. Share using SMS: More than ever, people are sharing links using SMS. Spread the word about relevant content with publishers, advertisers, friends, and coworkers in a way that maximizes the possibility of exposure.

5. Add pages to a list: Organize content you find Stumbling in two easy taps. Now it’s easier to catalog related web pages and revisit them in an efficient manner.

6. Check out Discover Lists: Find trending, new, and recommended lists to see which content is doing well across various audiences.

Later this summer, StumbleUpon is set to roll out new mobile experiences for iOS and 5by , StumbleUpon’s Webby Award-winning mobile video platform, so stay tuned for more tips and tricks then.

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