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5 Tips for Leveraging the New StumbleUpon iOS App for Your Branded Content

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Today, we’re excited to unveil an all-new StumbleUpon app for iOS, developed for our tens of millions of loyal users, with our hundreds of thousands of advertising partners in mind. Both our new iOS app and recently-launched StumbleUpon app for Android are faster, more social, and more personalized, aimed at connecting your branded content to the right audience.

StumbleUpon makes 500 million monthly recommendations and serves 65 million native ads per quarter to more than 20 million mobile devices. With more people Stumbling on our apps, here’s are our 5 Tips for Leveraging StumbleUpon Mobile for Your Branded Content.

  1. Our Stumblers are always revisiting interesting content. With our New Navigation Menu they can quickly bookmark their favorite finds and organize them into themed lists. Try creating timely or seasonal lists for them to Stumble.
  2. Give them something to talk about. The Social Activity Center lets users share directly to their social networks, via SMS or to another Stumbler, and sends notifications to encourage them to chat about the cool webpages they find.
  3. StumbleUpon takes the guess work out of surfing the web with Faster Browsing. Now webpages are delivered instantly, letting users explore more within your domain and seamlessly return to their original Stumble to never lose track of their stream.
  4. Find trending, new, and Recommended Lists to see which content is doing well across various audiences.
  5. With 60 trillion unique pages on the web today, there’s a lot of content to navigate. We offer 500+ Interest Categories from Fashion to Humor to Health to help you target directly to the right audience.


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