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At StumbleUpon, our mission is to deliver the web’s best content to the right audience – whether to our millions of users or hundreds of thousands of advertisers. With our partners in mind, we’ve redesigned our advertising site with an immersive experience that illustrates how StumbleUpon helps brands and publishers distribute their content and reach their marketing goals.

We’ve rebranded our leading native advertising platform, Paid Discovery, to StumbleUpon Ads. StumbleUpon Ads will maintain all the features from Paid Discovery that our thousands of advertisers have come to love, including your current campaign and account information.

Across the site, you’ll find a number of new resources. Excited to learn about our ad platform features? Take the Product Tour . Are you a brand or publisher?  Check out Success Stories to see how other partners have leveraged StumbleUpon.   Have questions? Head over to our Help Center where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions.  Need a refresher on how StumbleUpon works?  Visit StumbleUpon 101 to learn the basics.  On our revamped blog, we’ll post about industry trends, news and updates from StumbleUpon, and best practices for your campaigns; so keep coming back for more.

You’ve got the content, we’ve got the audience.  Start distributing your content the way it’s meant to be seen: in a full-page, native in-stream experience targeted to the right audience.  

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