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Trending on StumbleUpon: Hottest Halloween Content

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Something that’s unique about StumbleUpon is our ability to spot content on the rise. With over 180 million pages in our ecosystem, we have insight into what’s bubbling up and can look across our 500+ interest categories to pull data about a variety of topics.

In time for Halloween, we looked at Trending Costumes and the Most Popular Haunted Places across the globe.

Publishers also use our List tool to curate a series of content that users can Stumble through. Our friends at wikiHow created the ultimate DIY Guide to Halloween on StumbleUpon with everything from zombie makeup tutorials to recipes for candy corn jello shots.

Trending Halloween Costumes

Adorable & Witty Baby Costumes

DIY Pet Costumes on the Cheap


Easy Cardboard Box Costumes


Last-Minute Couples Costumes


Make Costumes with Stuff You Have


Quick & Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas


We’re also always looking for great content to feature in our Lists. For more ways to boost your traffic, see our Publisher Page.


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