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How to Use StumbleUpon as a Secret Weapon

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Our friends at SimpleReach shared their tips for leveraging StumbleUpon. Check out the article below.

How To Use StumbleUpon As A Secret Weapon

As content analysts, we’re always looking for signals to better optimize our paid distribution campaigns. In this post, we’ll be telling you about one of our secret weapons: StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine where users can quickly browse through content until they find something that interests them. We use StumbleUpon as a low-cost testing ground to identify articles with a high likelihood to drive the most social engagement. Because SimpleReach follows the 10-90 rule (10% of content drives 90% of social traffic) to guide our paid distribution strategy, StumbleUpon serves as a reliable proxy for the top 10% of content that we should allocate our paid distribution budget to on other channels like Facebook, Twitter and Outbrain.


StumbleUpon is also a great way to determine which audiences to target. Sometimes the most engaged readers are completely different than we’d originally anticipated. Testing a range of audience segments on more expensive channels is inefficient, and StumbleUpon gives us a low cost way of casting a wide net and optimizing into high performing segments.

Additionally, StumbleUpon rewards well-received paid content by exposing it to readers as part of its general (non-paid) pool, thus generating additional earned views. Earned views continue to serve organically beyond a paid campaign’s budget, which contributes to the overall campaign success.

Combined with the Predictive Score our system assigns to each article it tracks, StumbleUpon provides a window into content performance that allows us to make more intelligent decisions and run the most cost efficient campaigns possible.

The original article appears here.

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