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Super Bowl 2015 Ads Recap: Our Top Picks

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The Super Bowl turned out to be an exciting event, but many agree that for the first time in recent history, the ads were pretty lackluster.  Regardless of quality, advertisers reached 114.4 million viewers,  the largest audience in TV history; and 30% cite the ads, as opposed to the game itself, as their primary reason for tuning in.

Because of this, advertisers continue to pay the hefty 30-second-spot price tag ($4.5 million in 2015) for the unparalleled exposure. We even witnessed an emergence in lesser-known brands like, Mophie and Loctite making their debut while veterans like Dannon, Volkswagen and Ford took a seat on the sidelines.

Over the last few years, brands have also been pre-seeding their Super Bowl ads to generate buzz ahead of kickoff in hopes of creating social chatter and extending the ad’s lifecycle. According to YouTube stats, people spent nearly 4 million hours watching game-day ads and teaser videos on YouTube—up from 2.2 million hours from this time last year–with Budweiser’s ad “Lost Dog” getting 2,168,530 combined social shares alone.

Here are our top picks from the 71 national ads. Do you agree with our choices?

You can view all 71 ads on our  Super Bowl 2015 Ads List.

Most Entertaining: Loctite SuperGlue “Positive Feelings”

Most Controversial: Nationwide “Make Safe Happen”

Most Empowering: Always “#LikeaGirl”

Most Heartwarming: McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin'”

Best Auto: BMW “Newfangled Idea”

(“What is the internet?”)

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