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StumbleUpon Partners with NO MORE for its Awareness Week

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In conjunction with its national awareness week, Stumble for Good has partnered with NO MORE – a movement to raise awareness around ending domestic violence and sexual assault. From March 8 through March 14, advocates will host activities across the country to educate people and help elevate these important issues.

StumbleUpon is supporting the cause by driving users to the NO MORE Gallery throughout March, where survivors can submit and share their stories. We’re proud to work with NO MORE to spark conversations around these issues and galvanize more communities to get involved.

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About Stumble for Good

Stumble for Good is StumbleUpon’s ongoing contribution to improve our world and celebrate those willing to make a difference. By popularizing charity initiatives, nonprofits and global causes, Stumble for Good aims to drive attention to various cause-based organizations. Every month, StumbleUpon recognizes an organization or partner and drives awareness to their subsequent sites and content. By guiding Stumblers directly to these pages, Stumble for Good ensures good-hearted exposure.*

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To apply for Stumble for Good, please fill out this form and email us

*Please note all StumbleUpon inventory is remnant and non-guaranteed.


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