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Are You a Digital Expert? Join the StumbleUpon Innovators Series

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What is StumbleUpon Innovators?

StumbleUpon Innovators is a weekly interview series with publishers, platforms and digital media experts. Each week we investigate strategies, new tools, and trends with some of the brightest minds in the business. Our aim is to provide our readers with actionable practices to improve your content choices, distribution, marketing, monetization, and more.

Who is a StumbleUpon Innovator?

Since launching the program, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Budkofsky (Digital Trends), Dario Meli (Quietly), Diana Santaguida (SEOcial) and Scott Fritz ( who shared their tips on a variety of topics like audience growth, retention, content creation, and more.

How do I become a StumbleUpon Innovator?

Interested in participating? For consideration, please contact Andrew Levine at

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