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How to Ignite Your Content: Distribution is King

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Gaining traction on the internet is like building a fire. Sometimes you’re lucky and your fire starts quickly. Other times you need to add some lighter fluid to increase the heat or to extend the long tail benefits. From videos to photos to press, StumbleUpon helps over 120,000 businesses, brands and bloggers increase their distribution using StumbleUpon Ads to ignite their content in full form and tell their stories. Now you can too.

Ready to Ignite?  Here’s How:
Build your base

From logs to tinder, building a fire is just like constructing great content. It’s important to put the proper pieces in place.  Follow our blog to learn more about how to create great content for your audience.

Create a spark

You’ve got the content. We’ve got the audience. Index your content on for free and send the Stumble URL to your best social channels. Your fans and followers will start the viral fire by earning you quality Stumbles.

Add lighter fluid.

Now that your content is starting to catch fire, it is time to maximize your flame. Find an engaged audience using our first-party data to target by age, gender, location and device. Next, maximize your relevancy and select from over 500 interest categories. From Fashion to Finance; we’ve got you covered.

Strike the match.

Creating great content without a distribution strategy is like hosting a party and not sending out an invitation. Take the first step and set up a StumbleUpon Ads account in less than five minutes. Start your first campaign for as little as $20.

Enjoy the glow.

Once your campaigns are live, monitor their performance and make changes in real-time. Plus, the more people engage with your content, the more free visits you’ll earn. It’s a win-win. Ready to start working with us?  It only takes a minute and visitors arrive immediately. Sign Up For Free!


5 reasons to sign up for StumbleUpon Ads:

  1. Good content isn’t always important. You could have the best content, but without an audience it serves little purpose.
  2. Show your content full-form – no ads to create, your content is the ad. Perfect for mobile!
  3. Brands, Bloggers and Publishers regularly use StumbleUpon Ads to: A/B test their content.
  4. Pay for visits, not impressions.
  5. Start and stop your campaigns at any time and begin advertising for as little as $20.

Sign Up For Free!

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