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Introducing Wrap: Mobile Storytelling With Sight, Sound, and Motion

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We’re excited to introduce Wrap, a new product for brands to create rich, immersive mobile experiences on StumbleUpon.

As more people consume content on mobile devices, we want to empower brands to connect with consumers in a meaningful way.  To date, mobile advertising has been an afterthought for marketers due to the inherent challenges on the platform.  Tiny mobile banner ads ineffectively capture consumer attention.  Rich media inventory is extremely limited, making it difficult for brands to deliver robust storytelling experiences.  And lastly, the mobile experience is dominated by apps.  Not every brand needs to be accessible via an app, plus they’re expensive to build and maintain.

Combining website and mobile app technology, Wrap creates a seamless experience that drives consumer engagement on the mobile web with bite-sized bits of content.  Inside a Wrap, consumers can watch a video, view a slideshow, read articles and more. Wrap translates across verticals: fashion brands showcasing the latest collection in a slick, digital lookbook, liquor brands highlighting custom, hand-crafted recipes and auto brands creating the ultimate virtual test drive — the possibilities are endless.  Contact us to learn more.

Click here or the image below to experience Wrap.





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