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StumbleUpon Ads Guarantees 100% Viewability on All Devices

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In order for your ad to have an impact, it has to be seen.  However, viewability studies confirm that only about 50% of digital ads are viewable (50% of the ad is displayed on the screen for one second), and the IAB estimates about 36% of online web traffic is fake.  The combination of viewability and fraud could potentially cost advertisers 25-37 billion dollars this year.

At StumbleUpon, we’re committed to setting a new standard for native advertising; that’s why our native ads are 100% viewable across desktop, mobile, and tablet.  You only pay if 100% of your ad is in-view for at least 5 seconds.  If it’s less than five seconds, we’ll refund you in real-time. It’s only fair.

Here’s our quick viewability checklist:

Am I buying quality ad inventory?

StumbleUpon Ads enables advertisers to distribute content (site, blog, video, infographic, etc…)  directly to their target audience through native placements.  We deliver real people, not impressions.

Am I getting quality metrics associated with every visit?

Yes. We measure time on site and engagement for every visitor to your site.

Am I advertising in a quality-safe environment?  

Yes. We only serve ads to registered users, so you don’t have to worry about fraudulent clicks.

What is the size of my ad relative to the viewing window?

We display your ad as a full-page execution on all devices. 100% of your ad is in view all the time, so it can’t be missed.

Will my video ad receive quality views?

Yes.  All videos auto-play in our full screen video player.

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