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Cheers to 15 Years & 50 Billion Stumbles!


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StumbleUpon is celebrating it’s 15th birthday this month! In the spirit of celebration and nostalgia, we’re taking a retrospective look at the best stumbles from over the year. We invite you to sit back, relax, and stumble down memory lane.

Check out the top stumbles from 2015!

5. The Most Iconic Pop Culture GIFs 
You deserve only the best GIFs the year had to offer. Here they are in chronological order.


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4. BBC Presents: Your Life on Earth  
How old would you be on Mercury?

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3. 13 Science-Backed Signs You’re Smarter Than Average
Does owning a cat make you smarter?

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2.  14 Internet Moments that Defined 2015
Pizza rat made it. What else?

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1. These Incredible Paintings Will Both Amaze and Confuse
Move over MC Escher. Rob Gonsalves has got your number.

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