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Can I get a receipt?

You will receive an email receipt each time funds are deposited into your StumbleUpon Ads account. You can also see a…

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Do you offer invoicing?

We offer invoice billing for advertisers consistently spending $10K+/month. Please contact us if you qualify and would like to be…

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Can I edit a campaign?

Yes, the StumbleUpon Ads dashboard is self-serve and you are able to control campaigns in real time. The Campaigns tab…

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URL The web page we send people to as they are stumbling. Paid Visits Visits to a web page that…

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Dashboard Tutorial

Please refer to our StumbleUpon Ads Dashboard Guide for a walkthrough of the new dashboard. Still have questions? Answers to frequently…

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Video Tutorials

To aid you in the process of creating and running your campaigns, we have created video tutorials which can be…

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